Geneva Discovery - Switzerland Social Media Influencer

Marie Laure, founder of the Instagram page Geneva Discovery, sits down and shares how she finds and maintains balance in her creative life, setting boundaries for herself, and conquering self doubts. I was initially worried about the audio quality of the podcast, but it turned out alright. In order to offset that, I started improving the pre/post roll of the podcast. But on top of that, I did my best to be a bit more relaxed, and really just have a conversation with another creative. That we all share the same insecurities and struggles, and we’re all working on them.

I thought it was a super insightful episode, listening to how she creates her own balance with social media. Or the way that she has to create boundaries in order to stop feeling resentful doing something she’s passionate about. And how she builds her confidence to fight those thoughts of self doubt.

Give her some love on her Instagram and I hope this episode brought you as much value as it did for me. And if you liked it, please give us a rating on iTunes, and share it with all of your friends! Your word of mouth means so much to us!

Juan Manuel