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Justin Ladia - Being Pecha Kucha Winnipeg's Organizer, Making your City Creative, and Handling Personal Branding

This episode we chat with a very creative graphic designer who is also Pecha Kucha Winnipeg's organizer Justin Ladia. We talk about what Pecha Kucha is and how he got his start, how to make your city a more creative space, and handling personal branding. Super fun, lots of great rambling, as well as insights on how to deal with the various challenges of being a creative.

Enjoy and be sure to give him a follow as well as Pecha Kucha Winnipeg!

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Keo Necra - Compartmentalizing Your Life, Break Up Advice, and Having Fun While You Do Things

This episode features the mutlifaceted, insightful, and downright hilarious Keo Necra. 

I had no idea what to expect when I was initially told she was a fitness model. She's got tons of experience in so many things so it's hard to be specific with her title. But in this episode, we talk about her experience as a social media manager, the difference between a good and bad creator, and compartmentalizing your life.

Super fun, lots of hot takes as well as tips to give you a boost in your own field.

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