Mason Calanza - Spiderman Fangirling, Communicating through Design, and Staying Creative

Idea Conjurer, Fresh Perspective Patron, and Unorthodox Solutionist Mason Calanza shares his story and process on the 2M Creative Labs Podcast. A UI/UX designer and illustrator based in Winnipeg, I first met him at a company called iQmetrix. We talked lots about Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, as well as personal branding and keeping design simple.

I’ve always found Mason to be incredibly talented and refreshing. So to gush over Spiderman, and learn about his experiences, story, and process as a graphic designer was super exciting. From his own origin stories, to his advice to creative freelancers, I learned so much from this.

Give this a listen, give him some love, and I hope you gain a lot of insight from this as I have.